The art of making things talk | Giulia Bernardelli

Strengthening justice through science | Luciano Garofano

There is not just one first league | Fabrizio Lori

Personal crises: How to overcome them and transform your life | Marco Clemente

How to communicate with our DNA through food | Maria Chiara Bassi

Awakening through art | Peter Assmann

At business’ heart | Francesco Mondora

Waking up in a dream | Nicola De Pisapia

Changing the change: Anticipation and Futures | Flaviano Celaschi

Listen and you’ll see! Music as a vision of the world | Emanuele Ferrari

Can we make a difference for our Planet? | Giulia Detomati

Those celebrating two birthdays | Massimo Cita

The joy of wondering, searching and sharing | Hanako Tsushima

Never give up! | Federica Lisi

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